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Ohev Ger supports converts after conversion - promoting their welfare, success and integration in Israel.


With all the raging debates surrounding the conversion process, we have lost sight of the  converts themselves! Over the past few decades tens of thousands of amazing gerim have joined the Jewish people from all over the world, and it is our honor and duty to welcome them with love.


Our projects support the welfare and integration of converts once they have completed their process.


Ohev Ger representatives are dedicated volunteers offering home hospitality, community contacts and professional and other services all around Israel and the Jewish world.


photo of CEO Menachem Weinberg

Rabbi Menachem Weinberg

Founder and Executive Director

For over twenty years Rabbi Weinberg has taught and guided converts from around the world, giving him a unique perspective on the needs and challenges of gerim. He continues to serve as  senior lecturer and RAM at Machon Meir. Ordained by the Chief Rabbinate, and certified in mediation and psychotherapy, he also holds academic degrees in computer science and Jewish Studies. He served for a decade as the Rav of yishuv Alon, a joint secular and religious community near Jerusalem, and officiates at weddings for religious and non-religious couples, and of course, converts.  Originally from Toronto, he made aliyah 30 years ago, served in the IDF's tank corps, and now lives in Tekoa with his family.


Adi Werner

Director of Partnerships

In the last decade Adi has been involved in educational management and entrepreneurship in the world of Diaspora Jewry, including serving as the founding director of the Olam Shalem Center for Jerusalem Education in the Diaspora. Additionally, Adi served as an emissary in Jewish communities in both the United States and Germany, where she engaged in connecting Jews to the Jewish People and the Land of Israel. She holds academic degrees in Art and the History of the Land of Israel. Adi currently resides in Jerusalem with her family.

Photo of projects manager Julia Fleisch

Julia Fleisch

Projects Manager

Julia Fleisch is originally from Toronto and made Aliyah in 2010. She holds a MSW and a BSc in Psychology. Julia has worked in the past as a Community Social Worker and Olim Coordinator at the Gush Etzion Regional Council, creating new programs to serve diverse residents and facilitating the integration of new immigrants in the area. She lives with her family in Jerusalem.


From the Chief Rabbi of Israel,

the President of the Great Rabbinical Court

Photo of CEO & Founder Menachem weinberg & head rabbi of Israel David Lau

To change one's lifestyle is not an easy thing, and those who do - go through a difficult path. One of the tests our forefather Avraham was given was to "Go forth from your land." How wonderful and appropriate your activity is for those who have taken this step.

I send my blessings to you & all those involved in Ohev Ger, to continue your important work. 

- Rav David Lau

Letter from Rabbi David Lau, Chief rabbi of israel
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